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1. Confederation of Indian Bar is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It was established in 2006 inter alia to promote upholding of the rules of law in the society. It serves as a forum for integration and coordination of all the organizations of the Bar as well as the members of the legal profession in India including the Bar Councils and the Bar Associations. It also interacts with the Bar and Bench internationally. The primary aim and objectives of Confederation of Indian Bar is promotion, support and advancement in the field of legal profession for efficient functioning of legal system in India. The other objects of the Confederation are as follows:
1 To be the national representatives of the legal profession.
2 To help in legal aid movement.
3 To advance non-discriminatory access to the legal system in India.
4 To provide national organization to protect, preserve, enhance and strengthen the unity and integrity of the legal profession.
5 To help, guide and support younger members, women members and other needy and deserving members of the Bar to come up and establish in the profession.
6 To promote and maintain high standard of efficiency, integrity and professional conduct among members of the Bar.
7 To help and encourage the younger members of the Bar.
8 To promote Education, Refresher’s Courses, Information Technology in the legal field.
9 To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, study circles etc, on any topic, relevant to the Administration of Justice in India.
2. The Executive committee of Confederation of Indian Bar comprises of Mr. Pravin H. Parekh, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court (President), Mr. Ravindra Shrivastava, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Former Advocate General for Madhya Pradesh (Vice-President), Mr. M.T. George, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General) and Mr. Ashok Gupta, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court .

3. The members of the Executive committee are Mr. K. Parasaran, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Former Attorney General, Mr. Harish N. Salve, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Former Solicitor General of India, Mr. Justice K. Ramamoorthy, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Former Judge Delhi High Court, Mr. Amrendra Sharan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, Former Additional Solicitor General, Mr. A.T.M. Sampath, Advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. V.J. Francis, Advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. Darshananand Gour, Advocate, Supreme Court, President NCR Bar Association, Mr. Suman Khaitan Advocate, Supreme Court and Mr. D.P. Mohanty, Advocate, Supreme Court.

4. The Confederation of Indian Bar organises various all Indian seminars, lectures and conferences mainly in Delhi but also in other parts of India to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of knowledge on various legal issues which are obstacles in the development of a better democratic society and it also participates in international conferences held in different parts of the world. It also invites the members of Bar and Bench, dignitaries from political arena, teachers and students from different countries.


To serve as a forum for integration and coordination of all the organizations of Bar as well...


Conference Secretariat
134, Lawyers Chamber,
Supreme Court, New Delhi-110 001
Email : confederationofindianbar@gmail.com


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