Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The aims & objects of the Society, inter alia, are as follows:
  • To serve as a forum for integration and coordination of all the organizations of Bas as well as members of the legal profession in India including the Bar Councils and Bar Associations and to represent the National Voice of the Legal Profession and all other related issues.
  • To be the national representatives of the legal profession.
  • To provide national organization to protect, preserve, enhance and strengthen the unity and integrity of the legal profession.
  • To take up the issues affecting the interest of the members of the Bar nationally.
  • To help, guide and support younger members, women members and other needy and deserving members of the Bar to come up and establish in the profession.
  • To protect and strengthen the independence and integrity of the Bar.
  • To promote upholding of the rule of law.
  • To promote and maintain high standard of efficiency, integrity and professional conduct among members of the Bar.
  • Advance legal education for the benefit of the legal profession.
  • To advance non-discriminatory access to the legal system in India.
  • Undertake research into law, jurisprudence, Legal Education, Common problems faced by the Legal profession and other related and connected issues.
  • Prepare, publish and provide legal source materials and to make them available for the benefit of members of the Bar, Law Teachers, Law Students as well as Members of the Public.
  • To achieve gender justice, inter alia by helping lady lawyers and to ensure that they get equal and real opportunities to excel in the Legal profession.
  • To help and encourage the younger members of the Bar.
  • To protect the rights and look after the welfare of the members of the Bar.
  • To make suggestions and recommendation for legislation to be made by Parliament and State Legislatures to the Legislatures, the Central Government, the State Government, and Law Commission of India.
  • To strive to promote cooperation and understanding between the Bar Councils, Bar Associations and Members of the Bar with the members of the Bench.
  • To promote understanding between the Bar Associations and legal practitioners.
  • To promote Education, Refresher’s courses, Information Technology in the legal field.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, study circles etc, on any topic, relevant to the Administration of justice and the legal profession as well as other related topics.
  • To enhance professional excellence of the members of the Bar.
  • To work to enable the litigants to have quick and inexpensive justice.
  • To advise and represent indigent, poor and need litigants before Courts and Tribunals.
  • To make provisions for the members of the Bar and their family members in case of natural calamity, death, ailments etc.
  • To have interaction with and to help law teachers and law students.
  • To institute and participate in public interest litigation n appropriate cases.
  • To help in legal aid movement.
  • To help in securing justice for poor, down trodden, socially and economically backward litigants.
  • To provide auditoriums, guest houses, canteens etc. for the convenience of the members of the legal profession and litigating public either near Court premises or elsewhere in different parts of India.
  • To make suggestions for further improvement in the system of justice in India.
  • To provide leadership in improving the law to serve the changing needs of society and to promote legal reforms.
  • To increase public understanding and awareness about law and the legal process.
  • To achieve the highest standards of professionalism, competence and ethical conduct.
  • To provide benefits, organize programmes and services, for professional growth and for the welfare of the members.
  • To promote full and equal participation in the legal profession by minorities, women and persons with disabilities.
  • To preserve and enhance the ideals of the legal profession as a common calling and its dedication to public service.
  • To propagate the independence of the legal profession and the importance of judiciary as fundamental to a free society.
  • To make representation to the legislature, judiciary and executive authorities on any of the above issues.
  • To support independence of Lawyers to practice their profession without interference.
  • To constitute various committees from time to time including but not limited to those specified in the Bye laws.
  • To take initiative to improve legal system for the public.
  • To promote throughout India the uniformity of legislation.
  • To have close relationship with societies and bodies having similar objectives.
  • To uphold the honour of the profession of law.
  • To do everything which is necessary to achieve the above aims and objects
All incomes, earnings, movable of immovable properties of the Society shall be utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects as set forth in the Memorandum of the Association and it will not be utilized contrary to any statutory provisions.


To serve as a forum for integration and coordination of all the organizations of Bar as well...


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